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about us

Confront the Climate Crisis (CTCC) is a grassroots, statewide campaign that has been achieving climate action solutions in Indiana for the past two years. We were launched on September 25, 2020, by West Lafayette Climate. Today, we engage over 150 students from communities across Indiana, including Greater Lafayette, Evansville, Indianapolis, Terre Haute, Fort Wayne, Gary, Hammond, Carmel, Alexandria, and Kokomo. By bringing youth to the forefront of state politics, we know that we can create the change that we need to see to protect Indiana’s future.

CTCC educates youth through climate literacy programs, including building little free climate resiliency libraries, creating an information hub of blogs on resilience projects, and planning events to educate our community. We also hold general community events such as climate strikes and intersectional events.


CTCC facilitates relationships between youth, local organizations, and policymakers to accomplish specific environmental goals. In the 2021 state legislation, CTCC drafted and introduced a bill establishing a climate task force and concurrent resolution acknowledging the climate crisis. Partnering with Indiana Senator Ron Alting, we met with key legislators and built a coalition around our legislation. Although our bill did not make it to committee, we continue to push for statewide legislative action against climate change.

​We believe that the climate crisis must be treated as the crisis it is by the state of Indiana. Despite many powerful and passionate student-led events, we have seen little action from our state legislators. We have had enough. We demand that the Indiana General Assembly acknowledge the problem of unprecedented climate change and create a plan to systematically deal with climate change and other environmental injustices.


We have the power to confront the climate crisis and that is what we will do.

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