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Carbon Neutrality: Where Do We Start?

Indiana is ranked eighth for the largest carbon footprint. To fix this, we must look to solutions such as carbon neutrality. In order to achieve this, there are several actions that we can take. First off, it is important to have a carbon neutrality resolution or a climate change ordinance/resolution to get our public officials on board and in support of achieving carbon neutrality. By doing this, we can have an outline for our state of what needs to be done to become carbon neutral. Another vital step and the one of the most important steps in the process achieving carbon neutrality, is reducing carbon emissions in Indiana. Turning your car off when stuck at a train or choosing more sustainable habits at the workplace can go a long way. Finding new ways to create and use sustainable energy can help our efforts of moving away from fossil fuels. The way we use transportation is important too. If we ride our bike our walk to our desired destination, we should do it! It benefits in achieving carbon neutrality and improves our health. Another very important step in achieving carbon neutrality is to balance the remainder by purchasing carbon offsets. By installing a carbon offsetting project in your community, you would be compensating your emissions to fund carbon dioxide saving in other parts of the world. This is a great way to reduce greenhouse gases cost effectively. In summary, three major actions we need to take in order to achieve carbon neutrality are to calculate, reduce, and balance.


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