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Help Others and Support Green Initiatives in Your Community and Beyond

Given the nature of the problems the world presently faces, many people may feel there’s little they can do to make a difference. Or you may want to work for change but be uncertain about how to begin. It’s important to remember that both local and global improvements are usually the result of ongoing and collective action, so you personally don’t have to fix everything – you just need to know how to start and where to get involved. Here are some ideas to inspire you to start changing the world one step at a time.

Look for local organizations or efforts to volunteer with.

If you’re trying to get involved in green or other justice initiatives in Indiana, right in your home community is a great place to start.

  • Look for local community or urban gardens where you can volunteer.

  • Participate in community projects for river, park, and street clean-ups.

  • Get involved with the Arbor Day Foundation and start planting trees in your community.

Help by educating the public and spreading the word.

Getting more people aware of the need for environmental and other issues in Indiana and the world will give this work a better chance at success.

  • If area schools are doing anything for climate awareness, see if you can volunteer and help.

  • Support environmental literacy in schools and communities in at-risk countries like Mexico.

  • Use your platform or social influence to teach others in your community about the importance of climate justice and those most affected by environmental degradation.

  • Amplify the voices of climate activists and those directly affected by climate and environmental issues.

Offer financial support when possible.

Activists, educators, and organizations need financial support to continue to raise awareness about and implement fixes for social and environmental problems.

  • Support more localized organizations like Confront the Climate Crisis that are making a difference in Indiana.

  • Look for activists and groups globally who need financial aid. You can support projects in Mexico and other countries by sending funds through a safe and secure transfer service.

Make a difference politically.

Shaping public policy is a hugely important component of climate justice and other activism.

  • Find out what legislation is moving forward that could have an impact on the environment and human rights, and put pressure on your representatives to support good bills and oppose bad ones.

  • Support local, state, and national policymakers who promote climate justice, green business, and human rights.

  • Consider getting involved in local government yourself, to promote policies that protect the environment and help make your community more livable and welcoming.

There are so many ways you can help shape a more ecologically responsible future. Think about what will work best for you, and how you feel called to contribute through volunteering, donating, educating, or policymaking.

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