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Indiana Legislators Who Take Money From Duke Energy

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Duke Energy, Indiana’s largest for-profit electric utility, burns more coal in the state than any other utility. Ninety percent of its energy comes from its coal plants, which release large amounts of greenhouse gases and toxic compounds. This pollution contributes to the climate crisis and worsens Hoosiers’ health. Despite this, Duke intends to get the majority of its energy from coal for decades to come!

A coal plant operated by Duke Energy. Image Credit: Robert S. Donovan

In pursuit of this goal, Duke tries to prevent progressive climate and environmental legislation from passing the Indiana General Assembly. One of its tactics: using its political action committee, the Duke Energy Corporation PAC, to donate to state legislators’ electoral campaigns. This gives Duke leverage over these legislators, making them inclined to vote in favor of Duke’s interests.

Of Indiana’s 150 state legislators, 110 (18 Democrats and 92 Republicans) have taken at least one donation from Duke since 2017. This means that 73% of the Indiana General Assembly is under the influence of Duke’s money.

Indiana's statehouse. Derivative work: Massimo Catarinella, CC BY-SA 2.5 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

No wonder Indiana's legislators have hardly done anything to combat the climate crisis and environmental injustices. State legislators who take campaign donations from Duke must be held accountable. Here is a list of Indiana state representatives and senators who have taken at least one campaign donation from the Duke Energy Corporation PAC since 2017:

  • Rep. Earl Harris (D-2)

  • Rep. Edmond Soliday (R-4)

  • Rep. Dale DeVon (R-5)

  • Rep. Mara Candelaria Reardon (D-12)

  • Rep. Sharon Negele (R-13)

  • Rep. Harold Slager (R-15)

  • Rep. Douglas Gutwein (R-16)

  • Rep. Jim Pressel (R-20)

  • Rep. Timothy Wesco (R-21)

  • Rep. Ethan Manning (R-23)

  • Rep. Donna Shaibley (R-24)

  • Rep. Don Lehe (R-25)

  • Rep. Sheila Klinker (D-27)

  • Rep. Jeff Thompson (R-28)

  • Rep. Chuck Goodrich (R-29)

  • Rep. Michael Karickhoff (R-30)

  • Rep. Tony Cook (R-32)

  • Rep. J.D. Prescott (R-33)

  • Rep. Terri Austin (D-36)

  • Rep. Todd Huston (R-37)

  • Rep. Heath VanNatter (R-38)

  • Rep. Jerry Torr (R-39)

  • Rep. Greg Steuerwald (R-40)

  • Rep. Tim Brown (R-41)

  • Rep. Alan Morrison (R-42)

  • Rep. Tonya Pfaff (D-43)

  • Rep. Beau Baird (R-44)

  • Rep. Bruce Borders (R-45)

  • Rep. Bob Heaton (R-46)

  • Rep. Doug Miller (R-48)

  • Rep. Dan Leonard (R-50)

  • Rep. Dennis Zent (R-51)

  • Rep. Ben Smalz (R-52)

  • Rep. Bob Cherry (R-53)

  • Rep. Tom Saunders (R-54)

  • Rep. Cindy Ziemke (R-55)

  • Rep. Bradford Barrett (R-56)

  • Rep. Woody Burton (R-58)

  • Rep. Ryan Lauer (R-59)

  • Rep. Peggy Mayfield (R-60)

  • Rep. Jeff Ellington (R-62)

  • Rep. Shane Lindauer (R-63)

  • Rep. Chris May (R-64)

  • Rep. Matt Hostettler (R-64)

  • Rep. Terry Goodin (D-66)

  • Rep. Randy Frye (R-67)

  • Rep. Randy Lyness (R-68)

  • Rep. Jim Lucas (R-69)

  • Rep. Karen Engleman (R-70)

  • Rep. Edward Clere (R-72)

  • Rep. Steve Davisson (R-73)

  • Rep. Stephen Bartels (R-74)

  • Rep. Wendy McNamara (R-76)

  • Rep. Ryan Hatfield (D-77)

  • Rep. Holli Sullivan (R-78)

  • Rep. Matt Lehman (R-79)

  • Rep. Phil GiaQuinta (D-80)

  • Rep. Martin Carbaugh (R-81)

  • Rep. David Abbott (R-82)

  • Rep. Christopher Judy (R-83)

  • Rep. Bob Morris (R-84)

  • Rep. Dave Heine (R-85)

  • Rep. Ed DeLaney (D-86)

  • Rep. Chris Jeter (R-88)

  • Rep. Cindy Kirchhofer (R-89)

  • Rep. Mike Speedy (R-90)

  • Rep. Robert Behning (R-91)

  • Rep. Karlee Macer (D-92)

  • Rep. Cherish Pryor (D-94)

  • Rep. Gregory Porter (D-96)

  • Rep. Justin Moed (D-97)

  • Sen. Lonnie Randolph (D-2)

  • Sen. Karen Tallian (D-4)

  • Sen. Ed Charbonneau (R-5)

  • Sen. Brian Buchanan (R-7)

  • Sen. Mike Bohacek (R-8)

  • Sen. Ryan Mishler (R-9)

  • Sen. David Niezgodski (D-10)

  • Sen. Linda Rogers (R-11)

  • Sen. Blake Doriot (R-12)

  • Sen. Sue Glick (R-13)

  • Sen. Dennis Kruse (R-14)

  • Sen. Liz Brown (R-15)

  • Sen. Justin Busch (R-16)

  • Sen. Andy Zay (R-17)

  • Sen. Stacey Donato (R-18)

  • Sen. Travis Holdman (R-19)

  • Sen. Jim Buck (R-21)

  • Sen. Ron Alting (R-22)

  • Sen. Phil Boots (R-23)

  • Sen. John Crane (R-24)

  • Sen. Jeff Raatz (R-27)

  • Sen. Michael Crider (R-28)

  • Sen. Aaron Freeman (R-32)

  • Sen. Greg Taylor (D-33)

  • Sen. Jean Breaux (D-34)

  • Sen. R. Michael Young (R-35)

  • Sen. Jack Sandlin (R-36)

  • Sen. Rodric Bray (R-37)

  • Sen. Jon Ford (R-38)

  • Sen. Eric Bassler (R-39)

  • Sen. Greg Walker (R-41)

  • Sen. Jean Leising (R-42)

  • Sen. Chip Perfect (R-43)

  • Sen. Eric Koch (R-44)

  • Sen. Chris Garten (R-45)

  • Sen. Ron Grooms (R-46)

  • Sen. Erin Houchin (R-47)

  • Sen. Mark Messmer (R-48)

  • Sen. Jim Tomes (R-49)


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